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Easy to use, flexible and robust

ION offers users the best video experience, an easy option to integrate media in websites, its flexible configuration allows for the customization of the player and social network integration in a few simple steps.

We offer the best choice of bandwidth costs and transcoding with a 24/7 support.

ION provides an easy way of distributing video and audio to small, medium and large audiences and reaching millions of simultaneous users, flexible and easy to use.

Flexibility for your budget and business model

Monetize their videos more conveniently through advertising, subscriptions, transactions, freemium packages.

Easy and flexible deployment

Choose from a simple, turnkey solution or a highly customized solution to suit every customer.

Controlled distribution

ION offers a central domain administrator, making sure that only approved websites can showcase their videos, including an integrated intelligent monitoring system performance. Can also block unauthorized use of its videos with our feature syndication domain-based distribution, what prevents others from taking your embed code and use their videos approved outside context.

Delivery Capacity

ION can accommodate large volumes of traffic supporting millions and large amounts of visits without concern for bandwidth and maintenance.

ION allows the integration with the most advanced CDNs that the global market has to offer.

ION automatically converts your video files in multiple formats including H.264, to support playback on all mobile devices, encoding in HLS & DASH.

Web, Mobile and TV

Manage your multimedia files and automatically convert them to video files for the (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone), tablets and smart TV app or any other platform you need. You can create endless profiles,customized for any device.

Stablishing you brand presence across all platforms - web, mobile and TV. Take control of your audience. With Ion Analitycs you can get all metrics for better decision making about their business.

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Adaptive Bitrate Live Streaming

Deliver consistently high-quality, Tracking your audience on the web or devices, RTMP and HLS outputs. Customize renditions or use out of the box SD/HD sets.

Live Streaming Event Support

Live streaming events are important and you need to get your live stream right the first time. Ion offers dedicated human resourses of your live streaming event.

Live Stream Event Support, includes testing streams bandwidth test, third-party CDN configuration, assisting with encoder.

Advertising, Analytics & Quality Monitoring

Make your live video experiences as full-featured as your on-demand experiences. Use custom players, monetize your live stream with a real-time analytics.

Live Stream Trancoding, with a our partner Enconding.com

Adaptative Bit Rate support

100% Uptime transcoding service

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Ion can integrated customer current CDN

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Adaptive Bitrate HD Video Streaming

Give your audience the best quality video online every time with ABR Video, supports Adaptive Bitrate streaming. It creates multiples qualitys, automatically detects user bandwidth, and playback at the highest quality possible.

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Real-time Video Analytics.

Get the pulse on your video analytics in real time and obtain reports and customizable reports that you can export into CSV or XLSX.

Content Analitycs

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  • iPad Support
  • Playlist
  • Organize & Search
  • Workflows & Scheduling
  • User Management
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OTT is a service such as delivery of video, audio and another media content utilizing the internet provided by a network operator but not directly a business offering from thar provider.

The internet service provider is not in control of responsible for distribution of the content. Neither are they concerned with control of viewing and copyrights.

The ISP just delivers the content packets and generally does note receive revenue from delivering this content which comes from third party online providers. ott service
TV Everywhere (also sometimes known as authenticated streaming or authenticated video on-demand) refers to a business model wherein television broadcasters—particularly cable networks, allow their customers to access content from their network through internet-based services—either live or on-demand, as an aspect.+ platforms online

The attributes of player elements define such things as the elements' location (in terms of x, y coordinates), the style, and the source of the data to display (video name, image location, etc.).

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